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Supplements – This is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary as a thing that is added to something else to improve or complete it.

Supplements are concentrates of nutrients from natural sources, added to the diet to improve or complete it.

Kinds of Supplements

In all metabolic and energy utilizing processes in the body certain unstable ions are released. These are known as free radicals. Free radicals are not only unstable, they are highly reactive and destructive; they are continuously searching for electrons to stabilize them.

They can attach themselves to cell membranes, organelles in the cells such as DNA. They can also get attached to  carbohydrates, proteins and so on as they seek for electrons. They collect an electron from whatever they get attached to, destroying them as they do so. There are elements known as antioxidants whose responsibility it is to supply the missing electrons to the free radicals. These antioxidants come in form of supplements.

Secondly, all over the world farmlands have been over-farmed, leading to depletion in the nutrients in the earth. For example in a study carried out in America it was found out that the amount of ascorbic acid [Vitamin C] in oranges today is less than 50% of what it was 50 years ago. No matter how well and how balanced the diet may be, we can never get enough nutrients for the body’s daily needs. For this reason, a lot of supplements are concentrates of the nutrients that have become deficient in the ground. When such supplements are added to the meal to be eaten, value becomes added.

Nowadays, plants are grown with fertilizers and a lot of chemicals in the form of pesticides, herbicides and so on are used by farmers. These chemicals find their way into the leaves, fruits and seeds of the plants and eventually into the human system where they cause acidity and heavy metal poisoning.

We know that the colon is an important organ when it comes to the management of water and fecal matter in the body. We are also aware of the role played by the colon regarding the etiology of a number of diseases including cancer of the colon and other organs. This role of the colon is because of the enormous amount of acids that can be released from the colon when the condition is not right.

In a state of constipation when the intestinal motility has become very slow, a lot of acids and toxins are released into the  blood circulation and carried to sites far away from the colon where they give rise to one disease or the other. Furthermore, we know that there are certain bacteria in the colon that make up a normal and good bacteria colony which are essential in the functions of the intestines. These normal bacterial flora destroy the abnormal and infective bacteria as they find their way into the colon.

Unfortunately, these friendly bacteria are destroyed by the indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

In a situation where the normal bacteria balance becomes deranged, the harmful bacteria are left to cause certain diseases in the colon.

Of course we do know that our drinking water is very acidic and that there is need for us to supplement our drinking water one way or the other.

Let me also add that dehydration and the acid accumulation it causes is one of the commonest causes of immune system suppression in human being.

In recommending routine supplements that an adult should be taking to live a disease-free life these causes of diseases should be uppermost in our minds. In other words, I have highlighted the reasons why we need supplements at certain periods in our lives.

Supplementation plays a very important role in the prevention of any disease including any kind of cancer in our bodies. What then are these supplements that we need to be taking to help prevent diseases in our lives so that we begin to live disease-free lives?  I am going to be discussing these supplements under the following headings:

  1. Alkaline water supplements
  2. Antioxidant supplements
  3. Immune boosters
  4. Colon cleansing supplements [including probiotics and enzymes] and
  5. The Natural disease fighting supplements. 

Antioxidant Supplements: These are vitamins that donate an electron to a free radical, neutralizing them in the process. As the free radicals receive an electron from the antioxidants, they become stable, no longer reactive, and destructive. Included in this group are vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E and others like selenium. These are vitamins that should be taken daily to reduce the damage by the free radicals. Vitamin C is one vitamin that is not produced by human beings unlike some other mammals and because it is very essential in healing and enhancing the immune system, Vitamin C should be a regular supplement in your pack of supplements.

Supplements That Enhance the Immune System: An immune system that is performing its function optimally has the capacity to combat and contain any disease in the body, cancer inclusive. Very often, if not all the time, diseases only afflict an individual whose immune system has been suppressed. I have also mentioned that dehydration may be the commonest cause of immune system suppression. The first supplement that should enhance the immune system, therefore, is water. Sufficient water in circulation in the body will no doubt improve the immune system as the circulatory system works better at eliminating the wastes.

As usual, the type of water I recommend is alkaline water with a pH range of 7.0 to 7.5 [pH 8 maximum]. Lasena Alkaline\Mineral Water is a good example.

By far the most powerful single supplement that helps to build up the immune system is I, 3/1, 6 Beta Glucan. This is a naturally occurring polysaccharide derived from the cell wall of Bakers’ yeast.

Other sources of Beta Glucan are oats, barley, seaweed, mushrooms etc. Beta Glucan is marketed locally as IMMIFLEX. Taking Immiflex regularly can help to prevent even malaria fever.

Some other immune-enhancing supplements give support to beta Glucan and these are Olive leaf extract, green tea extract [because of the polyphenols in them], ginger and garlic. There are yet some other immune system enhancers that are not commonly used because of lack of knowledge.

One I would like to mention is Laugh. Researchers have found out that immunoglobulin A [an immune protein] in the saliva was lower on days that an individual was moody and higher on days of a more positive mood. In other words, when you are unhappy and miserable your immune system becomes depressed and when you are cheerful and full of smiles, your immune system is enhanced.

Watching comedians perform their act on television can therefore be considered a good supplement to build up the immune system. Try to laugh often and stay healthy.

Colon cleansers, Probiotics, and Enzymes. To ensure your colon is in good health always there are fiber supplements that will increase the motility of the intestines while cleansing impacted fecal matter, microorganisms [harmful bacteria], and other wastes from the colon.

Probiotics [Lactobacillus, acidophilus] introduce the beneficial bacteria into the intestines.

These friendly bacteria gotten from the probiotics enhance the intestinal flora, kill the harmful bacteria, reduce the toxins from the intestines, ensure more complete digestion and add to the immunity of the body. They are not usually taken for a prolonged period.

Supplements that are specific for certain organs and diseases are things like saw palmetto, selenium, zinc and Vitamin E which are good for the health of the prostate.

In conclusion to live a disease-free life, please take Alkaline water supplements, antioxidant supplements, immune boosters, colon cleansing supplements [including probiotics and enzymes], and the natural disease-fighting supplements daily and please let it be as recommended by your health provider.

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