Battle of the IONS – Disease-Free Life

Battle of the ions – Disease-Free Life

All too soon we have come to the seventh thing that we should do to live a disease-free life. Much as I have not indicated that I had spoken about all these steps in order of importance, I will like to say that this last step, “the Spiritual” is as important as any other if not more important than most.

It is in considering the spiritual aspect that we see certain underlying and hidden plans of the devil to destroy human life. I have said repeatedly that most of the diseases that affect human beings today come from what we eat and drink.

Whilst this is not new knowledge one wonders why there is an increase in the number of people presenting in hospitals as new cases of diseases which have killed countless number of human beings.

The chemical spiritual warfare going on in the lives of almost all human beings today boils down to the battle of the ions; the acidic ions [protons] and the alkaline ions [electrons]. Like we know or have heard in the past, our bodies were created by GOD to function optimally in an alkaline environment because alkalinity supports life.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case with a lot of people. Our bodies are mainly acidic as a result of what we eat and drink. Everything that we eat and drink will either lead to the formation of acidity or alkalinity, which as we already know is the final battle ground for the life [blood] of the human being.

To win this chemical spiritual warfare therefore, is to stay alive, free from diseases. In this battle, like in most spiritual battles the enemy is very subtle and if one looks closely at a lot of things going into the human body you will see the hand of the enemy; You will see that the ultimate goal is to destroy and to kill.

A few examples will certainly  throw more light into this. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of respiration and it is acid forming. We breathe it out through the nostrils so as not to accumulate in the body.

This same carbon dioxide is pumped into certain of the sweetened, ‘soft’ drinks that we all consume. Drinking such drinks can only do one thing to our bodies – render them acid and prone to diseases. GOD gave man what I call the Genesis 1: 29 Diet and this consists mainly of the raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains and nuts. What do we have today? These things that GOD gave to keep us healthy, free from diseases, have been tampered with in the name of processing.

While processing these natural foods most important minerals, vitamins and trace elements have been removed and sold to health food companies that manufacture supplements. These supplements are in turn used to supplement the deficiencies(man-made deficiencies) that arise from consuming these processed foods.

In processing the food, they are laden with chemicals in the name of colorings, preservatives and all sorts of sweeteners.

These all increase the acidity in the body of the consumer.

Now, there is what is referred to as toxic emotions which give rise to acid wastes in the body. These toxic emotions include anger, bitterness, hatred, unforgiveness and so on.

Unknown to many people, the amount of acid generated from these emotions is so great as to have caused such fatal diseases as cancer that has killed people that should still be alive today. The battle is raging and it does seem as though acid(protons) is triumphing over alkaline(electrons). What can we do? The Holy Bible tells us in Hosea 4: 6a, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge—. “ Lack of knowledge of the right thing to do is destroying and killing people.

It is ignorance that we are actually losing the battle(Battle of the ions) to. The first thing to do therefore, is to acquire knowledge and then be wise. Wisdom is commonly defined as the correct application of knowledge.

In these seven articles on how to live a disease-free life, a lot of knowledge has been shared and wisdom will lead you to do what is right.

To refresh our memories,

step 1 was on water, and in that article, I talked about drinking alkaline water in a bid to neutralize the acidity in the body. I recommended that all should drink about eight glasses of clean alkaline water daily.

In step 2, I dealt with food and how you should eat good and living food instead of the dead and ‘processed’ food that you eat today.

It was time to look at exercises in step 3 and I showed quite a bit of the benefits of exercising

In step 4, I discussed detoxification – the processes of cleansing and ridding the body of those deadly acid wastes.

In step 5, I highlighted the issue of stress and how to manage it. You are faced with different kinds of stressors daily and you need to know how to deal with them so as to do away with the complications of stress.

In step 6 we looked at supplementation. If you are above 50 years you should be taking some supplements on a daily basis to keep healthy.

And finally in this step 7(Battle of the ions) which deals with winning the chemical spiritual warfare otherwise known as the “Battles of the Ions”, know that the devil wants you impoverished and dead.

Be wise and avoid such things as sweetened and carbonated soft drinks, white polished rice, white salt and sugar and every toxic emotion.

Stay blessed, be wise and remain disease-free. •

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