Battle of the IONS – Disease-Free Life

battle of the ions

Battle of the ions – Disease-Free Life All too soon we have come to the seventh thing that we should do to live a disease-free life. Much as I have not indicated that I had spoken about all these steps in order of importance, I will like to say that this last step, “the Spiritual” […]

Supplements – Disease-Free Life


Supplements – This is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary as a thing that is added to something else to improve or complete it. Supplements are concentrates of nutrients from natural sources, added to the diet to improve or complete it. Kinds of Supplements In all metabolic and energy utilizing processes in the body […]

Stress and Its Management

stress and its management

Stress is commonly described as the impact of a negative force [could be neutral or positive], from within and without on an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing. An individual’s response to stressors [stress causing situations] generally affects the individual directly or his environment. Human beings are exposed to these stressors on a daily basis but […]

Detoxification – Disease-Free Life


Detoxification is the physiological elimination of toxins [acidic wastes] from the human body. The organs involved in this physiological [normal] process are the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, skin and the lymphatic drainage system. Sources of Toxins All metabolic and physiological processes in the body produce toxic, acidic wastes and free radicals that should be eliminated […]

EXERCISE – Living a Disease-Free Life


Exercise – The recommended exercises for maintaining a vibrant life and general wellbeing are referred to as aerobics. Diseases may occur as a result of an activity or inactivity. We have seen instances where diseases have occurred because of a wrong action like eating the wrong food. Diseases also occur when an individual does not […]

FOOD – Living a Disease-Free Life


Food is essential to life and by life I am referring to the total well being of the human being. In other words I am talking about a life of wellness, devoid of any disease, a life well nourished and a life of optimal growth for the young ones that are still growing. Even for […]

WATER – Disease-Free Life


Water makes up about 75% of the body of a male adult [this is about 10% less in the female]. The reason for this is that the male has more muscle mass. There are approximately 100 trillion cells in the body and each one is 80% water. The total water content of an adult is […]

Cholesterol and Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Cholesterol is a fatty wax-like substance present in all the cells of the body and it is also in transit in the blood. In fact, to test for the level of cholesterol in the body, you have to do a blood test. Usually, the body produces all the cholesterol it needs. There are occasions where […]


Heart disease, also known as Cardiovascular Disease, refers to a group of diseases that affect the heart. They are diseases of the arteries that supply blood to the heart and it involves narrowing, partial or total blockage of these arteries. Diseases in this group include Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), otherwise known as blood vessel disease; […]

When the heart becomes unhealthy

The heart is one of the five vital organs in the body. It is a muscular organ, located between the lungs but slightly to the left of the sternum and above the diaphragm. Weighing about 250 grams, it is usually the size of a fist. There are four chambers in the heart: the right and […]